How Episcopalians Worship

Our worship is centered in regular communion with God and one another  through celebration of the sacraments, the holy things which remind us  of our identity as children of God.  Of primary importance are water,  bread and wine.

Water is the symbol of baptism, whereby we are brought into God’s  special community, the church, and commit ourselves to follow Jesus  Christ as Lord and Savior.  In doing so, we affirm that through Jesus’  life, death and resurrection, our sins have been forgiven and that we  share in a new spiritual life which is eternal.

Bread and wine were used by Jesus as signs of his life among us; the  bread represents his body, and the wine his blood.  Each time we receive  the consecrated (blessed) bread and wine, we receive Christ anew into  our selves and are made whole with Christ and God.

Our primary worship service is celebration of the Holy Eucharist, or  feast, wherein bread and wine are consecrated and distributed to those  who have been baptized.  Scripture is read and interpreted through a  sermon or homily.  Prayers are said, and there is usually a corporate  confession of sin followed by a prayer of absolution.

The Peace of God is shared in recognition of God’s call for us to be  at peace with one another in the name of Christ.  Songs of praise are  sung, and colorful vestments are worn by the clergy in celebration and  praise of God’s love and glorious Creation.