Worship Service

A Typical Worship Service Includes:

  • Opportunity for quiet meditation and prayer
  • Joining with others in singing hymns of praise to God
  • Listening to instrumental and choral music
  • Hearing scripture read and interpreted in sermons or homilies for  today’s world issues
  • Reciting familiar and comforting words of the Lord’s Prayer, psalms,  creeds and other prayers
  • Praying for individual and community concerns
  • Sharing in the blessing and receiving of bread and wine as reminders  of Christ’s presence with us today
  • Being sent forth with renewed energy and spirit to serve the world

Generally, an 8:00 am Sunday worship service is more quiet and  contemplative.  A mid-morning service is likely to be more family- and  children-oriented, with active participation from the congregation and  more contemporary music.  A late-morning service is often more  traditional, with choral and organ music.

Worship is at the heart of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ,  believing that we are all children of God.