What Episcopalians Believe

Episcopalians believe that there is one loving God who creates all  things, and who manifested that love by sending Jesus, the Son of God,  to humanity to make clear that all people are first of all children of  God.  Jesus was born a full human being, was crucified and put to death  by people who were threatened by his message and authority.  He  subsequently was raised from the dead and appeared to his disciples  before ascending to God’s heavenly realm.  We know Jesus through those  who believe in him as the Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world.

Jesus’ stories were always about coming to know a loving God who  forgives sins and who wants people to be reconciled with one another.   Christians believe that we have been given the ability, or power, for  our sins to be forgiven and for reconciliation to be achieved through  God’s Holy Spirit acting in us and through us.  In other words, we learn  that God wants each of us to share in the ongoing creation of a just  and peaceful world when we invite God’s power to work in us and through  us.

Episcopalians accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  We believe the  mission of our church is the restoration of all people to unity with  God and each other in Christ.